tapas & self-discipline.

Not the Spanish tapas that you may be thinking of, although that can be really good too ;) 

In Sanskrit Tapas means: deep meditation, self-discipline, effort to achieve self-realization, sometimes involving solitude. It is derived from the root tap, which, depending on context means "heat" from fire or weather, or blaze, burn, shine, penance, pain, suffering, mortification.

I’m writing this blog as I had a bit of a tapas challenge earlier this week. After a long day and a very cold and wet journey home with Mya I could easily have skipped my evening yoga practice. The idea of dragging myself back out into the miserable weather appealed much less than a hot drink and the sofa. But then the though of TAPAS came to my mind. I summoned my self-discipline and jumped on my bike into Peckham town.

The journey was indeed miserable but.... the minute my feet hit the mat and we began to breath and flow through the warm up, my mind and body filled with energy and positivity. I barely noticed the rain on the way home and arrived feeling completely different to when I left. It seemed odd to even think that I considered not bothering to go!      

As the seasons change it is very easy to find even more reasons to just let go of your yoga practice, but remember the benefits that yoga can bring to your life and to others around you.

When we can offer ourselves respect, we can respect one another. Self-discipline becomes the art of doing for yourself so that you may do for others.

Just to reflect:

What gets you going to the mat? What is the foundation of your self-discipline?

Keep practicing... keep mooving!

 See you on the mats for more yoga in Peckham soon. Namaste.

Gabi x


Just bring a brolly and keep mooving!

Just bring a brolly and keep mooving!

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